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ACULA has been a specialist in the OEM/ODM video industry since 1993. As one of the first companies devoted solely to developing state-of-the-art video technology, ACULA leads the market as a trendsetter in design and manufacturing standards. What sets ACULA apart from the competition? A history of strong R&D, devoted to the design and innovation of ACULA’s exclusive core technology.

The ACULA philosophy has always been focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. ACULA’s revolutionary OEM/ODM process ensures that clients receive a solution customized to fit their business. An outstanding R&D team, extensive quality assurance testing, and an attentive technical staff support every ACULA product.

Since 1993
Initial Investment
Number of employees
Pioneer in
Video Industry

Core Strength

Circuit Design

Network Circuit Design

Chip Set Design

Software Program Design

ID/ Mechanical Design


We insist on the pursuit of excellence
to provide customers with uncompromising service quality

Non-stop Innovation

Constantly develop various functional products and upgraded our manufacturing technology to meet market trends and customer’s diversified needs

Insist on Excellence

Outstanding R&D team, extensive qualityassurance testing, and an attentive technical staff support

Customer First

We focus on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity

Sustainable Environment

Proactive in exploring new ways to identi fy and implement green initiatives