R&D Capabilities

Since 1993, ACULA’s superior Research and Development team has helped establish the company as a leader in the video industry.R&D makes up 25% of ACULA’s total manpower distribution, making it one of the largest departments, second only to production. This strong focus on research is why our diverse range of products and solutions is constantly growing.

ACULA’s expertise lies in developing 24/7 CCTV Monitor, Special Purpose Monitor (Hi-Brightness, TV Wall), 3G-SDI Broadcasting Monitor, Touch Monitor and OEM/ ODM products, with 80% of our fundamental R&D effort going towards time-to-market, time-to-quality, and time-to-manufacturing performance. The remaining 20% is directed to anticipating future technology and other R&D resources. By continually investing in R&D, ACULA realizes our client’s demands in analog/ digital, network, chip set, software, and hardware design.

As a versatile OEM/ODM company, ACULA’s skilled R&D team has always driven our operations, vision, and success. ACULA’s goal is to keep investing in research while expanding operations to better serve regional and international distributors around the globe.